What are the best questions to ask on a first date? Need quick answers! :)

I am actually experienced in dating, but I'm going out with this girl soon and I'm actually nervous :/ that never happens for me but she is just super beautiful...perfect body, cute face, and nice personality. That's getting me a little nervous because I don't want to screw it up. I'm good at holding conversations and all but this time I want some back up questions, so I want your opinions...what are the best questions to ask of the first date? Some questions that will get the conversation going for a while...and fun conversation topics.

We're going out in about 2 hours, so hopefully I can get a few answers before then! Thanks :)


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  • Keep things light for starters.

    No - so why did you agree to go out with me? or so what are you looking for - something serious or ...?

    Honestly - you want to focus on keeping the conversation going rather than being loaded with lots of different conversation starters. It's off putting, and at least for me, makes me wonder if we'll ever be able to have a normal conversation.

    Ask about her work, or about school or something like that if you know what she does. Be interested, and in return, tell about yourself too. A lot of guys tend to think they have to be all about the girl on a first date and we like to find stuff out too.

    If you know you have things in common, you met in certain place, or have friends in common or something - ask about them ... so how long have you known so and so?

    or I've not really seen you around such and such before - do you go there often?

    Keep to things which can stem a conversation flow - not things which will just ... start a new short conversation which will end soon.

    Other than that talk about the date, if you're going for drinks, discuss the drinks menu or something, or the bar you're in. If you're on a walk, talk about the place, things like that.

    Hope it goes well for you :)

    • Thanks! And yea, don't worry haha, I don't just jump from one topic to another. I'm good at branching the conversation into other things. just if the conversation dies, I feel I'll be a tad nervous beacuse of how gorgeous she is so I'd like some back up topics :) after the first date though I won't be worried at all

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  • keep it light, don't make it like a job interview. in all honesty if it's a good date it will flow naturally, and you probably will end up talking about different things anyway.


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  • 1. What do you think of _______any recent movie. Safe, but will show you waht she's about quickly.

    2. Do you like_____ any sport. Also a safe bu trvealing questions.

    3. Talk about any family problem you are having. See if she has any a) insight and b) empathy for your situation.

    4. ASk her what he most revealing outfit is. NO, I'm just kidding about that one.

    • 4 seems a little creeperish haha. Maybe if we keep dating and end up sleeping together I'd ask that one while in bed :P

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    • First question on the second date will be asking what her most reveling outfit it :P

    • BEst Answer, no?