Seems like she's slowly losing interest. How can I make her mine?

I'm 19, I'm a guy. At work I started talking to this girl and over the course of a few weeks we have been starting to like each other. She would tell me that she would check my schedule to see what days we have work together. She would also get touchy with me during conversations like touching my shoulders etc. I got her number too. We texted a few times and I told her that I wanna hang out with her and she replied "Haha maybe :)". don't know if she meant that in a literal way or hard-to-get type way. While texting, she also reminded me that she checked my schedule.(Obvious sign of interest)

Now I KNOW that these are obvious signs that she's into me, but now (A week later) whenever I see her, she's less talkative and doesn't pay much attention to me. I don't know if she's still playing hard to get or just losing interest but I really wanna talk to her more and see if we can be more than friends. I don't wanna miss this opportunity. I wanna make something happen but It seems like she wants me to do all the work. I don't know what's wrong.

I feel like I'm running out of time. I wanna show her that I'm worth her time.


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  • Maybe at first it was a friendly thing at first, and then when you expressed more than that, she might be trying to politely let you down, without having to tell you. And you can't make a girl want more than she wants.. Just keep talking to her, or attempting to try. Really the only way to find out, is to be bold, and go directly to the source!


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