I need help on choosing which guy to be with (I need guy and girl answers)?

Okay so I have this boyfriend and lets just call him Strikie and there is this other lets Call him Zman. Well yesterday I was texting Strikie and he's my current boyfriend well zman just texts me out of the blue wondering how my lives been and were just chatting it up. And all of the sudden I get this text from zman with a picture o him with his shirt off and he has a six pack. Well I used to date zman I don't know if I'm completely over him. but I really Like Strikie. So I don't know what to do.. I need help!


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  • You and zman broke up for a reason, unless that reason can be and is resolved then I wouldn't go back with him. Besides you have strike now, and you say you really like him. Don't let the reminiscing spark between your ex and you keep you from being with someone else who might be better for you.


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  • Well, there is a reason why we call them "exes"... Just because he sent you a picture of his body doesn't mean he has feelings for you or wants to date you. If you are so easily swayed, in your "relationship" by a topless picture of someone then maybe you shouldn't be dating at all...

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