Is it okay if I ask the girl I like to vent or tell her troubles to me?

The girl that I like is going through some really tough personal issues, she feels like no one cares about her. I already confessed my feelings towards her, but she is confused about her feelings about me. It's because she has trust issues, and that she has been hurt in a lot of relationships in the past. She's afraid of getting hurt or falling in love again.

I want to get closer to her, and let her tell me her problems, but I don't know if that will lead to a friend-zone.


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  • just tell her next time she is talking to you and seems down that she can talk to you any time no matter what it is. make her feel really comfortable by just not saying anything when she is venting too. I hate it when I vent I my friends butt in.

  • I wish a guy would ask me to do that. It could lead you anywhere, not necessarily friendzone.


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