Why do I make him happy?

This very sweet guy tells me that he has been in a foster family for 8 years (he's 18 right now) and currently lives with his dad but hates him. I never understood why until he told me his dad was in prison throughout his childhood so he never really had him in his life... his mom was sent to prison as well for drugs.. that's when I understood and I felt bad because he never really had family to care for him... When he is stressed he says he wishes he can see me and that he needs to see me... just to talk and I just keep him company... he says because I make him happy... but I don't know how or what I do that makes him happy... he tells me about his problems and I listen... I like listening and it breaks my heart... do you think he's getting feelings for me? I feel so sad when he tells me about his problems that I cry sometimes but I told him that if he ever needs me he can come whenever he feels that way and I'll cheer him up?

Was that a good thing on my part to say do you think ? ... we've known each other for about 2 weeks... but he tells me all this... what do you think I should do to make him even more happy I like him more and more every time whenever we talk it's weird, I have never felt like this for a guy? Maybe it's because I don't know any guys that have ever told me so much and have been so open about telling me their problems before... I never knew a guy can be so vulnerable... he makes me feel so special because I like that I can help him and make him feel happy/better. What do you think? thanks.


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  • I think he likes you and the fact tat he can trust you mars up it that much better,

    • Aww, I hope so, cause I like him. :)


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