How much should I text her?

Just started dating this girl. Well I assuming it's dating. We went on our first date yesterday and it went great. She mentioned that we should get together next Wednesday and after the date she texted me. I was thinking about waiting until Sunday to call and confirm we're on for Wednesday but how much should I text until then? Or should I even text her?

We last talked last night so should I text her today or tomorrow? I've got a good conversation starter for either of those days.


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  • Maybe text her tomorrow if you really want to, That way you have given her a couple of days since your last contact. Don't over do it with texts though, no matter how any girl tells you, too many texts and they get bored. Women don't think like us guys, they say one thing but want another lol They are confused creatures and they like to be curious. Me personally, I would wait till Sunday. I have fallen in the trap of over texting and they end up not replying, then you end up getting wound up.