I leaned out of a kiss I wanted!

So, I was at a party and the boy I have had a thing for was too. When we were all chilling, we was in the hallway and he leaned in to kiss me to I gave him a peck on the lips and then we were hugging and then he leaned in for a proper kiss, and this may seem funny but I leaned out, put my finger on he's nose and said no. I reeallly wanted to kiss him though, What shall I do? What impression did it give?


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  • I'll tell you exactly what you need to do. Hit him up and tell him that the reason you stopped him is because you wanted a night out with him and let it happen that way instead; like at your doorstep after a date. He'll eat that up, I know I would.

  • Simple...tell him he can kiss you at the end of the next date...if he deserves it...then smile..


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