He stopped calling me for no reason !

Me and the guy I'm kind of dating are very close, he always says he loves me and he doesn't wanna hurt me etc... He travelled 2 weeks ago, before he travelled things were great I even went to the airport with him. After he got back he stopped calling unless I call and ask ! He used to call me 5-6 times a day ! I wanna understand what happened ! Please help :(


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  • Guys go trough stages: love then distant. They grow distant because of love: strong emotion. They need time to recharge. GIVE HIM THAT TIME! Calling him and asking him to call you is VERY clingy. You are diriving him away further. Just back off him. If he loves you he will come back with more love than before. Let him "recharge his batteries"

    • Thank you... I will do exactly what you said :)

  • He's probably been buyst go ahead and try to approch him.

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