Are you nervous about going on a first date?

what would you have to do and make it go well and work out?


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  • a little bit. first dates are annoying because unless you have known each other for years and already know how you feel (not usually the case), you know that there will be a long road of anticipation ahead, in the arduous path known as the dating game.

    it can lead to so many things. it's just the beginning and it sucks because it could be the beginning of something great but you wouldn't know it yet, but you can't assume it's going to fail either.

    i'm also a super analytical, overthinker, worrier type. so it drives me nuts!

    between the first meeting and first date...will he call? and waiting for that call sucks.

    first date...i can't be myself in too extreme forms, because we don't know each other well yet. I have to be on good behavior. I have to make a good impression. it's like a job interview. how do I feel about him? do I feel attracted, want to spend more time? how do I seem interested without coming off too eager or serious? how do I show I'm attracted without looking easy? how do I make him see me as date material and not hookup material? I barely know him. what do I say? does the end seem promising?

    after the first date...will he call? (if he doesn't within 3 days I pretty much assume he's not interested) if it went well and it seems promising but you haven't heard yet, it can be very frustrating. or if you aren't interested, you have to think about ending it nicely. do I want to go out with him again?

    ah, dating. it's very fun, but unless you know he wants to be exclusive and you like him too, it is filled with worrying, analyzing, worrying about every next step and how it will go, and the deeper in you get, the more attached you feel. although I do say that if you've made it to four dates and he starts contacting you every day it is probably going well.


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  • I have never been on one, so when I do, I will be extremely nervous.

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