Should I meet this girl?

Ok, so I have a possible setup. I work at a hospital where there's several departments. One of my friends (who is married) starting talking to one of his female friends about me. She's single, so am I, and were the same age.

Since we work at different departments, I rarely see him and have never met her. As more of a joke, I gave him a rose to give her from me. He did and said it made her smile and said thank you.

The problem is I'm hesitant to meet her. First off, I'm incredibly shy and I wouldn't be good at the awkward introduction. Also, she lives an hour away and commutes. Should I meet her? And if so, what do I say/do?


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  • Maybe if your shy, you could try exchanging emails first? I know that for me, talking by mail is a lot easier than talking in real. Then, if you like each other you could meet in real. You would also have more things to talk about, seeing as you would have communicated a bit before.

    Or, you could try to get your married friend and his wife to go on a double date with you and the girl? That could ease the tension a bit, seeing as you wouldn't have to stress so much about keeping the conversation going, and be able to watch her and how she reacts to certain things, etc. I definitely think you should meet her though!

    Bonne chance! ;)


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