Do you date amongst your close group of friends?

So I want to know if this guy is weird or not. I met him about a year ago, dated for about 6 months ago, and broke up a few weeks ago. We're in mid 20s so college was a while back.

This is one of the things about him that really bothered me. He didn't have a lot of guy friends, because he's not into a lot of guy things (but he's VERY straight), so he just had a ton of girl friends. But he's dated most of them in the past while he was in college. While he was dating me, he even went to a reunion, where he hung out with like 6-7 girls (and no guys, apparently), he stayed over at one of the girls' house, and at least a couple of the girls were his exes. It bothered me a bit but I didn't say anything because it was when we were starting to date and I didn't want to be intrusive.

But is it weird that he dates from his close group of friends? I dated in college but I didn't date any of my super close guy friends. Most of my exes were classmates, or friends of friends. I think it would be weird to sleep with someone who's slept with a lot of my best friends...

When we broke up, he was like, we should be really good friends in a few months, because we know each other so well etc etc. He's super good friends with all of his exes (who are also good friends with each other) and I found it to be a bit too much to deal with. Well that wasn't the deal breaker but definitely a factor in deciding to end the relationship.

What do you think? Do you date your close friends?


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  • You're describing something like polygyny, where an individual (male) feeds his sexual appetite within his group of friends. I have friends who believe in this, though not with close friends just with friendly entities as opposed to hitting on strangers. Personally I hold true to -not- "crapping where I eat," I'd rather keep any potential issues out of my circle of friends, typically. I'm not saying one couldn't make it work, just that I find it easier not to engage in such volatile activity. Hope this helped!


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  • I think it's okay if you broke up on good terms. I dated a few girls who are now my ex's and also good friends. So I don't see why not?

    • But are the girls really good friends with each other too? Isn't that kind of weird that they both know one guy intimately well?

    • Ok they aren't and I missed the intamacy part..but on that good friend who's dating my best friend..well her ex's are all friends..all four of them and they're fine with it..we guys have a rule that you ask your friend for permission before dating the ex..well that's South African guys for you..

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  • That's definitely very odd. Personally , I wouldn't be interested in being friends with my the females that f***ed my boyfriend.

    • Oh good. I thought I was being judgemental. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this guy is weird! Glad I got out of that relationship :)

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