Your intents with dating, thoughts on dating Mr/Ms "Right Now"?

Have you ever dated someone who you know is not going to be your life partner/soulmate, but you kept dating him/her "for now"?

If you are not at the point in your life when you want to settle down very soon (meaning in the next year) and get married, do you think it is fine to keep dating someone whose company you enjoy and feel an attraction and connection with, even if you are pretty certain it isn't your future spouse?

I'm dating a guy now. The problem is we are from different religions. He's also a bit older than my ideal, but that is more negotiable than the religion thing. My family wouldn't accept it, and even though I'm not so religious I want my future husband to be from my religion.

I'm also young, just finishing college and going to graduate school. Ideally I would like to meet and be in a relationship with a guy I can end up married to. But I have not found that and right now I am enjoying myself with this guy. Truth be told, if he was from my religion I would think he could be the right one if things kept going well.

What do you think? If you are young and not looking to settle down immediately (in the next year or two), do you think it is fine to date someone you know there probably isn't a future with?

I'm not wasting his time, because if he was looking for marriage right now, I'm sure he wouldn't be with me.


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  • It's OK if both parties are good with it. If one of the partners starts wanting more, it can get difficult. I am in a relationship where there is an age but not religious difference. in the long run, it can't work. Both of us know it.


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  • i think girls do this mostly, because they need to be w/someone 24/7 and are afraid to be alone.

    and guys do this, so they don't have to chase sex

    • I actually have been single for two years and have only been on a few sporadic dates with a guy or two here and there. but this guy and I have made it to many dates already, and have been talking all the time for weeks.

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  • hmm I thought about this for the longest time last year. I thought it was OK to be with that person because it was kind of "in the moment" so to speak. I knew that guy wasn't the one because I just didn't feel it. But at the same time I felt like I was wasting my time and I think this would depend on how he feels. You can't just assume..maybe he really does think you are the one for him

    • I'm pretty sure he doesn't because he told me he's not out looking for a wife right now and he knows I'm the same

    • well then it shouldn't just to have the time go by I guess

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