Those 18+, what advice would you give to an 18 year old girl?

I asked my close guy friend about this a week ago or so. He's 20 & I asked him "what advice would you give to me, an 18 year old about life." He tried listing out things, but in the end, he was like "I really have no advice to give I suppose." He listed small things, like don't have sex because a guy wants you to & that it's not cute to get hammered and act like our friends do. But nothing further. I'll take advice with a grain of salt, but I'm sure the 30+ group has something to say

What advice would you give to an 18 year old girl or boy?

Random advice about life, relationships, sex, friendships, school, work, marriage, cooking, health, exercise, fashion, style--whatever. Feel free to give random advice.


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  • 1. Keep your finances under control. This is one of the hardest lessons for younger people to learn, but it's the difference between a path to wealth or a path to "indentured servitude" to a bank/job. You CAN get by without buying everything your friends have, you really can.

    2. No one, and I mean NO ONE, not your parents, not you friends, NO ONE is going to do for you the things you need to do, so you have to learn to do them yourself. if you wait for other people to do them, you'll waste years of your life waiting.

    3. If you want something, GO GET IT and GO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Don't sit and dream and wish, GO DO IT. Set realistic goals, with several achievable points along the way, and then work hard to achieve them.

    4. You have NO IDEA what it costs to live like you do, and how hard it is to earn that money, so start by lowering your standards along with your spending. If you can stay at home for a while, do so, even if it means following the house rules that you feel you've outgrown, or having to help around the house. Living on your own give you lots of freedom, but also a HUGE amount of responsibility, esepcially financially.

    5. When you're 18, you think you know nearly everything important (this is a universal experience). When you're 21-22-23 and you look back on the things you thought were important at 18, you'll think you were an idiot, because the real world will have "adjusted" a lot of your naive ideas. And suddenly a lot of people you thought were stupid when you were 18 will seem a whole lot smarter.

    6. Keep your relationships in perspective, and don't lose the rest of yourself in your relationship. Keep your education and/or your career and your other life-goals on track. If you relationship is screwing any of those up in a serious way, no matter HOW MUCH you think you love that person, you probably need to cut that relationship loose.

    7. Don't get into relationships with people at work. It WILL end badly, and then you'll hate having to see that person all the time, and if they are nasty about it, you'll be miserable, but you'll also be trapped and will have to quit your job to avoid it. Instead, date FRIENDS of co-workers or friends of friends.

    8. Most guys don't have a clue what they want and aren't serious or responsible about ANYTHING until they're 25-30 years old. Act accordingly in all your interactions with them. Yes, there are a handful of exceptions, and it won't be hard to identify them once you realize what you're looking for.

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    • so always used to say, have sex but never fall in love

    • BA. #1 and #4 have definitely been big lessons for me.

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  • I'm not all that successful myself, so I don't think I'm in a good position to give life advice to anyone.

    I would say live your life and learn your own lessons. Everything my parents, friends and sister told me about life didn't really come in handy yet. People are different, and what might sound like a big deal for some, may not be as important to you.

    Sex is fun, have lots of it. Don't waste any time having a boyfriend/girlfriend, those things never last, and they bring you nothing but heartache and drama. Alcohol is wonderful, but keep it under control. Learn how to play an instrument, it sure releases stress and with time, it becomes your best friend. Finally, I am a big fan of education, I just love having multiple degrees :P so I'd advise you to study hard, although your degree has nothing to do with your future career.

    Lol, I feel like a 70 yo already. Good Luck. :)

  • Such advice can serve only intellectually, and not tangibly, you get me? I'm 18, so I can't answer, anyhow.

    "So how can you talk about such advice, then, huh?"

    "F*** off! I bet you're GAY!"

  • In no particular order :

    - Always question everything.

    - Never take anything for granted.

    - Never let any passion take the control of your life.

    - Never drunk drive or get in a car if the driver is drunk.

    - Never force yourself into something that will completely change your life.

    - Be a real citizen by having a culture you'll gather by yourself.

    - Throw your TV in the bin.

  • Don't fall in love, it's too soon. Read a lot of books. And when you're trying to solve your problems look for their root, don't just try to make them go away. These are the things I've got out of life so far.

  • Be positive

    be ready to encounter any situation

    don't eager to sex any time with any person other than your choice

    make friends with your matching nature

    dont eat too much junk food, sea food or non-veg since non-veg food will make grave in your stomach.

    try to cool down and control your anger.

    do morning walk and evening walk and light exercise to keep your body fit

    dont wear too loose cloths or too tight feetings

    cover enough your private parts to save your self from malfunction.

    • What's wrong with seafood?

    • Do you want to make grave to your stomach? like wise every human and animal are put in grave when they die, this is also a situation when animal like seafood, chicken, birds, and other animals body part goes to your stomach to make it grave.


  • Use your head (and Google) and everything gona be ok)

  • eat your veggies


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  • When approaching someone new treat them the way you would like to be treated but after that treat them the way they treat you.

    Never forget your past instead visit it, learn from it and then move on from it.

    Live for yourself, be who you wanna be not who others want you be.

    As Gordon Ramsay said said don't f*** it, make love to it.

    You got something to learn from everyone no matter their age so be kind to everyone, you never know what they could teach you.

    Don't talk badly about people for no reason, it doesn't do anything but make you look bad and it makes people wonder if you do the same with them when they are not present, which is never good. Goes back to that old saying if ya got nothing good to say don't say anything at all.

    Think before you act.

    A kind heart is a strong heart not a weak heart. ~ in other words life puts you through sh*t, people put you through sh*t to go through all that sh*t and come out a nice person makes you a strong person. Being angry, mean, bitter and whatnot doesn't do anything but scream out "i've let life and people get to me and I'm not strong enough to over come it or rise above it"... In my eyes anyway. Get on top of the world don't let it get on top of you.

    God blessed you with a mind of your own so follow it.

    In order to teach you must lead, in order to learn you must follow (in most cases). Find a balance and be smart when choosing when to lead and when to follow and also be smart when deciding what you teach and what you follow.

  • don't worry about what other people think about you, focus on school and don't worry about your future.

  • experience as much things as you can.

    do many hobbies, travel, be yourself don't do things just because others do it to,