GUYS? If a guy is texting... is it most likely to a girl?

So there's this cute guy that I always see around school. And we always stare at each other, and I'm pretty sure he's single because he is friends with my friend... but we've never officially met. But we ALWAYS stare and once we ran into each other and he was really cute about it. But anyways... I saw him the other day texting when I was passing and he didn't look up because that's how into it he was. and my friends have said when guys text its always to a girl, because only girls text... and most likely one he likes... is this true?

  • Yes it's probably to a girl... and he prob likes her
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  • Yes it's probably to a girl... but he might not like her
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  • No guys text other guys too
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  • i text both guys and girls, even my parents, besides, is he a non-traditionalist, cause I am...if I'm interested in her, and she gave me her number (whether I asked for it and got it, or she gave it to me automatically) I call her...not text her

    • Oh ok... that's good news than lol... thank you!

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    • Haha it's fine... thanks for the help :)

    • Your welcome

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  • what do you mean by no guys txt other guys a lot of guys txt to other guys me personally I like to use txt over talking to any one any day , because I can get straight to the point and forget about all the hellos and how are u's

    dosnt matter girl or guy and if its a girl I like I well most likely call not txt just to show her I care enough for her to call

  • well I mean it could be anything

    he could be texting his mom for all you know

    and yea guys text each other but not "heyyyyyyyy what are you doing tonight :)" guys obv. don't say that

    but if a girl said that then it would be ok

    • Haha ok... well it was the day time and he was laughing at whatever the person said... so I kinda doubt it was his mom... but it could be a guy friend...

      thanks :)

    • No problemo

      im here to help!

  • no, I text to my parents, my friends, and even my landlord.


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