Would it be creepy to send a birthday text to your so-called stranger crush? Please help!

This guy and I work together. We hardly talked but there were lots of eye contacts. One day I mustered up the courage to YM him and told him I like him then he asked me out. We had a great evening, he seemed to be really flattered having known that I have a crush on him. We've been sending text msgs/emailing every now and then for almost 2 months, no other meet-ups, only texts and emails as he is now in a project overseas. His birthday is in a few days and I really want to send him a birthday text. But the thing is he would immediately think that I checked him out on his company profile or somewhere on the internet for his birthday as we don't have any mutual friends also there is no other source of info that I can get to know about it. So, should I send him a birthday text or would it be too creepy to do so? (with a note that by having his YM contact from his company profile and telling him I like him via YM were quite creepy already I think)


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  • You could do it, since you've already passed the creepy border once (just kidding).

    But since he never really asked you out again, do you think it's worth the effort ?

    • Haha, thanks. Yes there was time when I almost thought I would move on but thing is he is a shy guy who even blushed in front of me lol. I am trying to be as patient as possible but who knows, I may move on soon one day...It's really tiring :)

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    • Oh sorry, I thought that two months episode happened prior to him going overseas. Well yeah, then that card could be a nice way to see if he's waiting to come back to do something or if he's just not interested, depending on his reaction. Good luck :)

    • Haha no worries, thank you :)

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  • ... it's nothing, just send to him-.-

    • Thank you. I think I will do it

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  • I would do it. Like you said you got his YM from the company and he didn't seem bothered by that. he obviusly likes you for him to have asked you out when you said you liked him. go for it :)

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