Leave her a note at work?

Ok got this advice at from someone on gag. I like this girl at work, however I've only worked with her twice when I was training and now we work different shifts. I don't know if she likes me or even if she has a boyfriend. I do have her number, but only got it through work so I don't want to try talking to her like that. the advice I got was to leave admirer notes for her (idk what on) cus girls like those. girls how would you feel if a guy left you an admirer note?

like what would you want it to say? I've only worked with her twice so we aren't real close or anything.


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  • Hmm... Here's an idea.

    Put something nice, just maybe small compliments or something, and maybe if you want, see if she would be interested in hanging out or something afterwork. If you don't want to be known at the moment, just ask her to leave you a note somewhere you would be able to find it and pick it up. If you want to be known, write where she could meet you.

    Hope this helps!

    • say something nice, then ask if she wants to hang out, and leave it anonymous?

    • If you would like to leave it anonymous, then yes

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  • Come in on her shift when you aren't working and talk to her.. don't do this note BS... make the effort to show up :)

    • This seems way too weird for me to do. we work in a kind of nursing home so stopping by to talk isn't exactly a great idea cus everyone is usually very busy. (Unless I lied and said I forgot something at work).

    • lying works ;) its not so much lying as it is that you are making your way into her life. Say you had to see your manager or grab something etc. :)

  • every one is different..but a cute flower with the note attached would get my attention in a good way..don't call if I did not give you my number ..i would not be happy if you called(stalker type feeling by me)something like hey I am (ur name) and was wondering if at some point we could meet for coffee(name of the place)...i find you attractive and interesting and would like to know you better

  • I say give her a thoughtful note, but don't say you love her, because that might be too far! <3 ;) thanks for asking!


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