What's the best dating advice you've gotten from a friend?

did you feel that is was very helpful to you in any way, shape, or form?


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  • I cannot say I have ever gotten good dating advice from friends or family. Most people are clueless about what you should or shouldn't do. The worst advice I got was being told to give someone a chance that I had no chemistry with. I still had no chemistry with them after giving them a "chance" and they just felt upset that I kept dating them without any feelings developing.

    I do recall that I did get good advice but I don't know if it was from a friend. It was about not pursuing guys. I definitely wasted time on guys that I thought I had to pursue only to realize that there was a reason they were not pursuing me. Limiting myself to dating guys who were hot on my trail, that was good advice.

  • i never get advice actually


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