How to get him to go out somewhere with me alone?

So there is this guy that I sort of like, we get on well etc etc and last night I asked him if he fancied going to the cinema, he agreed and said it sounded like a plan, but then tonight he asked who else we should invite, but when I asked him, I meant just me and him, now how do I turn it back around to just me and him who go without sounding silly?


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  • I would personally take that as a sign that he wasn't interested.

    Once, a guy (who I always talk about food with) nonchalantly suggested that we go try a restaurant together, "You and me" he said. I didn't like him in that way and I casually replied, "Oooh, who else is going? Let's take ______"

    To be honest, if a crush invited me out like that, I'd probably still ask, "So, who else is going?" to check if it's just us two. On the other hand, asking "Who else should we invite?" is to not want alone time.

    I don't know. There are a few things you could do:

    - Pick a date where you know your other mutual friends won't be available. That way, if he asks, you can say you tried inviting others.

    - Pick something that could only allow for 2 people. Movie tickets for two, etc.

    If I were you, I'd just go out on this planned trip (with or without other friends) and use it to suss out what he really feels about me. Perhaps during the day, there'd be a good excuse for you to wander off alone with him for whatever reason.


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  • Hmm what about 'I was hoping it could just be us two?' I think that sounds alright.


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