Is this guy trying to give me a hint??

I've been having drunk sex with this guy for a bit (he took my number before the sex started, but nothing more has happened, which is fine). He is currently overseas and I just found out I am going to be in the same city as him in 3 weeks time, he heard from a friend and so sent a message asking my dates, which I told him. His reply was "I'll be there too. I am playing a gig that night". NOW, he is VERY shy and I am not sure if he was hinting that I should go to the gig?! What should I reply?


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  • Um...Don't overthink it.

    GO! He'll appreciate it and so will you!


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  • I think he was just saying that he is playing a gig. Guys are simple and literal most of the time haha. If you want to go to see him, then go. It might be a nice surprise for him.

    • If he wasn't so sure I'd definitely agree...but as he did make contact first, plus he didn't need to tell me! What would you reply?

    • I meant shy* (not 'sure'!)

    • Obviously you want to go other wise you wouldn't be asking. Just tell him that you're thinking of going and that he might see you there

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