Would you have a girlfriend even if you think it's a hassle...

My boyfriend is a workaholic and catching up with me almost seems like a hassle for him. I know he has feelings for me, so It's not that. We are both at the stage in our life where we want a relationship. He is mid 30s and I'm late 20s. It seems that he likes the idea of a relationship but doesn't actually want one... That in reality it is a time burden for him. Can anyone relate to this? Experienced something similar? Thank you.


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  • Lots of people prioritize their careers ... I wouldn't wait in vain for a woman to settle down if she was career focused but I wanted more. Although I am sure that similar to your situation, when we did spend time together it would be good.

    If people are interested ... they will make the time ...

  • Welcome to the late twenties, this sh*t happens to all of us.

    • What do you mean..?

    • When you entered your late 20’s is that it’s okay if life isn’t turning out how you always dreamed.. I assume it's because you are reaching the age where many people settle down so you have to evaluate if you should continue your interest in this guy and/or move on

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