HELP! don't know what to do, he sends me LOADS of messages.

So a guy started texting me last week we chatted for a few days but I found it hard to keep talking to him as I have loads of exams coming up and needed to revise, I tried to keep texting as much as I could and explained to him that I was revising and couldn't reply, yet if I didn't reply in 5 minutes I'd get ? about twice, a few days later this was still happening and I explained that I was busy and couldn't talk, he was putting me more and more off texting, two days ago he said that I should just text him when I can, the past two days he has sent the same message 6 times when I haven't replied so I told him again yet I still get LOADS of messages, I don't know what to do as I've told him so many times, do all guys do this? what can I do? please help!


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  • If he's like this now, I would worry about him being possessive if you guys go out. you never mentioned if you actually liked him or not? you don't have to keep texting him if you don't want to. A guy I gave my number before was similar to your guy, if I didn't text him back I would get texts like " oh I guess you're busy?" or "haha you don't seem to be free to text me?" Completely pointless texts if I wasn't texting him back anyway! With this guy I texted him to ask him to stop texting so often and if I wasn't texting him back it was because I was busy and had better things to do! of course he texted back instantly and didn't seem to get the hint at all until I said out straight that if he was the type of person who had his phone glued to his hand all day we wouldn't be very compatible as I rarely text people.

    If you don't want him texting you, just tell him! Don't hint about it, just say it out straight. You really don't have to be nice about it if you don't want him texting that often. it's not the end of the world for you or him if you tell him out straight not to text you again.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much, your advice really helped! Just don't want to be mean he seems like a sensitive guy:L Did the guy leave you alone after that? thanks again:)

    • Well, he initially tried to apologize after I asked him not to text me anymore, by texting me a few times in quick succession, once I explained it clearly to him that I was not interested (we met at a bar) if he was going to keep texting like that he got the message. I know you don't want to come across mean, but these guys will not get a simple hint, they need it to be said out straight, once you explain it well, then he should leave you alone!I did get about 3 drunk calls over the following

    • *weeks, I assume they were drunken anyway, at 3 or 4 in the morning you'd have to be drunk right?I almost answered just to see what he could possibly have to say but I held firm! Explain that you don't want him bothering you, mention exams etc and then after telling him, just stop all contact with him, no matter what he says, just don't text him/answer calls!

  • just chill he ocd. just let him know "sorry I'm studying cause I don't want to fail lol"