Are all guys doing this? Have a plan B relationship?

My boyfriend and I met online.. at mid-August. He came to see me on sept.25th and we had sex and stuff. after that I came to see him 2 weeks later, and he introduced me to his friends and family. We lived 6 hour apart.After I spent the week with him in October he told me that he wouldn't date other girls but me and that he really liked me. But the other day I found out that at the same time he asked another girl out (and she said no). So I kind of feel like a second place prize. I moved to be closer to him not too long ago (before I found out). Just as an example, he went to see a football match in philadelphia October 31st and he told her -it sucks you can't come with me. .. and at that time I was head over heals for him. When he came back from there he told me - I wished you were with me all weekend. ..

I was all : AAAAAwwwwwwwwwwwwww but then... he said almost the same thing to that other chick who is way hotter than me... He also asked her to watch romantics movies at his place (then again, she said no). I woulnd mind if it was before we met but... I traveled many times for him and he was trying to get with this girl...

We were not -officially- a couple at the time, but he told me he wanted to be exclusive so for me its pretty much the same thing?

I don't have a man logic so its hard for me to understand why a guy who wants to be with you will try with others...

do you think that the fact that we lived 6 hours apart made him think that it wouldn't work out so he was trying to have a plan B?

And ladies if you answer this question try to say something else than just -OMg he's a manwhore ok? because since its official (midNovember) he didn't do anything like this (That I know Of...) thanks


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  • I have pretty the same thing happening. They tell you one thing but are doing another. It kind of hurts when you have made the effort to travel and be with him. It sounds like he is having his cake and eating it. When this happened to me, I had to chat to him and tell him, I don't like this, how would you like it if I done it? If he says nothing is serious, then it's time to back off and at least you know where you stand. Or he might think twice that he don't want to lose u..

    When your with A girl or guy sincerely there should be no room for chatting up others

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