Yet another issue with a girl not replying to texts. Help, please?

So I found out that a girl who I think fancied me a year ago left me a message on Facebook about a year ago asking if we want to hang out. For some stupid reason the message wasn't visible until I checked our history on our inbox a few days ago. I kinda feel bad for not knowing until now and wanted to apologize to her, because I would've gladly accepted the offer. We don't see each other very often and we're on good terms. Anyway, I texted her if she wants to meet up because (and I quote) ''I have to tell her something I just found out, or if she prefers it to tell her via text''. She didn't reply, and that was two days ago when I sent the message. I've seen that she's been on Facebook so she definitely saw the message. Could it be she's not replying because I sound somewhat creepy (I never asked her out at all, and I've haven't talked to her for about 3 weeks), or sound like a ''bearer of bad news'' or is she just plain busy or doing whatever girls do when they don't reply for a long time?


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  • your time has gone by, I would feel really rejected and it would just seem way too late that it's not even worth it.

    • I know I messed up baldy. She was still showing some signs until a few months ago but I didn't have the guts to do anything about it :/ I just want to apologize to her, if possible and stay her friend, but I don't know if I should mention it now.

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