Am I sending mixed signals? Am I being naive?

This guy who is my friend asked me out before. I rejected him and I told him that I only liked him as a friend. He's a year younger than me and from a different country. It would not work out. He's transferring to another school soon.

Last week when I saw him I told him "I will miss you" and he touched both of my shoulders. Then when we ended our conversation he touched one of my shoulders again.

I saw him again the next day at the laundry room on campus. He showed me something on his itouch. He leaned in very close and we were standing very close.

Later, I was bored so I went to his room. He asked if I wanted to watch a movie together so I agreed. He chose the movie. I don't know if he knew it was rated r beforehand. But there were scenes in the movie that was rated r (sex scenes). It was awkward and I played it cool. One point in the movie he punches my knee playfully and another point he touches my shoulder.

The next day he had lunch with two of my friends and they both told me that he misses me. They wanted to call him to come and eat mid-lunch with me.

What does he really want? I like the attention. I think I'm flirting too much. Am I sending mixed signals? Am I being naive?


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  • He wants you.

    He likes you. That is why he'd asked you out in the first place. Those feelings don't just disappear. You are not sending mixed signals. You are just being friendly or just a bit more than friendly (it is not in the range of real gardcore flirting).

    When you were watching that movie, did he punch your knee during one of those sex scenes?

    You are not being naive, but you should watch your steps. Just be a friend to him, maybe even a best friend, but nothing more. He could make a move on you if you start to flirt with him. He just really likes you and you cannot blame him for that.

    If you have questions, let me know!

    I hope this helps :)


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