What if a girl doesn't have butterflies in her stomach?

It it said that people usually get butterflies when they are talking to someone they really like. Well, is it possible for a girl to like a guy and not get butterflies? I actually read an article where a girl stopped dating a guy because "she didn't feel butterflies".

So, if a girl likes a guy will she always get butterflies? If the girl doesn't get butterflies does it mean she doesn't like you?


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  • The butterflies is just a metaphor. If the girl becomes happy when she sees/think of you, then she likes you. Everyone feel differently. Someone just get a mere smile. While other hurts in their tummies (therefore butterflies in their tummy). Happiness is key. If you make her smile with just looking at her or by her just thinking of you.. I think you've nailed it..

    Of course I'm only one person and I can only speak for myself.. But my boyfriend for almost three years still makes me happy and smile so hard it hurts without giving an effort.


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