Texting: How long is it enough to mean anything?

Ive been texting and flirting with this guy through fb for the last 2 months in total we have texted one another about 1500 messages. Basically we talk about our lives and we flirt with one another. He can basically have sex with women that are way way hotter than me. At one point I got really insecure because the more we chatted on fb the more and more I was attracted to him and I felt vulnerable to the point that I blocked his account. A day later I regretted it and I sent him a friendship invitation which he accepted and didn't see it as a big deal.

What is going on? and to top things off we live in separate continents.


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  • It probably won't ever mean anything until you actually talk on the phone and meet.

    You're already starting an unhealthy one sided relationship with him. I would just give up and find someone else, preferably in the same continent.


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