We are texting a lot and I want to be with him what am I doing wrong?

We are texting a lot ever since school got out for the summer and he sends a lot of :) and I call we always say stuff like yea buddy or call each other dorks or weirdo's I really like him and we flirt a lot and go to the movies with a couple of friends and sit beside each other a lot and I'm afraid that he feels I put him in the friend zone and I would normally tell him my feelings but I don't want to loose him I would rather be just a friend then nothing at all so am I doing something wrong or what can I do?


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  • SportGirl95:

    First, don't assume you're doing anything wrong!

    It's easy to get out of the friend zone with a guy.

    Look into his eyes, touch him a little. He'll pick up on the message real quick (for a guy; sometimes we can be pretty dense.)

    Good luck.



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