Why is he acting like this?

I have a long distance thing going, so all we really have is the phone.

Anyway, he texts me a lot and when we do talk on the phone, he is so happy to talk to me, and usually stays on until he falls asleep.

However, the problem is getting him on the phone. I have to keep asking if he wants to talk, and then he usually says yes. When we are on the phone, he always asks if he can call me the next day, but he almost never does. (He has told me he worries about scaring me off and overstepping his bounds so that might have something to do with it?)

We talk like once a week, which isn't that bad, but I'd rather him not keep telling me he's going to call when he doesn't.

I will tell him about this, but I just want to know why he's doing this? Is he afraid of talking to me or something?


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  • My guess is that it's a combination of him being afraid of overstepping his bounds (like you said) and he might be worried about getting too involved/attached because of the distance. I know that can scare a lot of guys. But it sounds like you have a good guy on your hands who genuinely cares for you, I would definitely talk this over with him. I know I'm a girl, so I can't speak for him or guys in general but that's my take