This girl likes me but acts weird..i don't know what do?

sorry if the title is misleading but there are these 2 girls (I won't give out there names) I will refer to girl#1 as "C" and the other "G"..ok first thing first C...I known her since she was 6 now I'm 22(going on 23) she's 20(turning 21 this month) we never been romantic..but anyways recently like last year for some strange reason she started to like me I don't know why but at the same time she doesn't want anyone to know only one person knows she likes me she would always tease me & stare at me when I'm busy doing something(I even caught her staring at me in church) and asked me if I had a girlfriend etc but at the same time when her friends are around(me and them have a little beef at the moment) I don't exist..and it's really annoying and childish to me and another time I saw her and was gonna say hi but she ignored me ..why..idk (to be honest I kinda ignored her once when she waved to me cause I was so pissed at her because I said something about her friend and she told them what I said)so yh I was totally raged and wanted 2 know wtf...? by the way recently I was in the hospital and she asked a family member...about me and she was so sorry 2 hear I was sick so I'm totally stumped (its annoying when one minute where cool then the next she acting different) I don't know what to do about this crazy..chick? should I just move on and just stay friends? and just wait for Mrs.right? and now mrs.G she also stared at me in church and would ask family members about me but I think her mom pretty much told her to forget about me (she don't like me and the mother has a lot of power over her)since then..i can't even look at her she looks away or hangs her head down when I look at her and even says mean stuff now...fellas...ladies..real talk what should a brother do...?!


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  • Dude, are you singapore? sounds like it. anyway, the way I see it. You have a girl who likes you and is behaving exactly like how a girl that age would. She's shy and doesn't want others to know, she wants to stay popular with her friends so she tells them everything. But important thing is, she likes you. G hasn't said anything to you about liking you so just wait for that to happen, otherwise forget it for now. Handle C properly, ask yourself what you want out of this (friendship/ not commital fun/ serious relationship) then talk to her about it face to face. If she agrees and feels the same way whichever the choice, then good. But if she doesn't then maybe you have to forget about it also.

    • k I've forgiven her for what she did and I've moved on I'll just pretend as if nothing happened (if she does it again I'm done thou)