Is it acceptable to text him?

Met 6 weeks ago, 7 dates, 3 being out somewhere, 4 being round his, 3 times I've stayed the night one time we just stayed up all night the other two sleeping in his bed. We haven't had sex.

He has to go away on work sometimes and I don't know if it's acceptable to text him when he's gone because we are only dating... even though we have sorta been texting each other but his last text he sent me last night didn't really require a reply, so I don't know if to just ignore him until he gets back?

We normal text when he's not away, but I don't know if I should just leave him and let him contact me when he gets back.

Sorry we normally text when he's not away.


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  • shoot him one small text. just hey how's it going. if he texts you all the time otherwise he's probably just busy. though unless it's a business trip I'd think he would make time to talk to you though.


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  • oh god I'm getting lost here? what for? too much on your mind..! come on you do whatever you want, I would say totally ignore all those dating rule or whatever.. who cares anyway, if you wanna text him you do it. Americans ... sighs.

  • Go ahead and text him, if he says he's really busy at some point, he probably wants you to lay off the texting.