How should a girl keep her man happy (in a relationship)?

I'm in my first relationship ever and I would like advice on how to keep a guy happy.

Both guys and girls can answer.

Serious answers please!


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  • Maintain regular contact. If you get our hopes up, don't intentionally do anything to dash them. If it looks inevitable that you'll disappoint, warn us in advance. Be specific about everything.

    Don't sugar-coat and don't deal in generalizations.

    "Not sure what I'm gonna do about this" means nothing. "I can't make the party because I got evicted from my apartment today and there's another dude hitting on me and I don't know how to deal with it" gives us something to work with, however unpleasant.

    Absolute no-nos:

    - "Not sure what to do. I'm really kinda busy." (DOING WHAT?)

    - "Don't know if I'll have time." (DAMMIT, I MADE time for YOU!) Use instead: "I know this sounds shallow, but I'll be ridiculed by my folks if I'm seen with you."

    What ever you do, don't insult our intelligence. It never ends well.


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  • Every guy is different but you should:


    -Keep your appearance up

    -Not be controlling

    -Not be jealous

    -Trust him unless you suspect him of something and if he's earned it

    -Let him have as much space as he requires

    -Show interest in some things that he's interested in

    Sexually (When it comes to this):

    -Keep things interesting

    -Suck his penis fairly regularly and for no reason

    • I agree with most of that, except the sucking part. I wouldn't require that of a girl.

    • I only put it there as a method to keep a guy happy not as a requirement per se.

What Girls Said 1

  • i try to be as honest as I can be with my feelings -of course, good ones.. happy feelings-.

    try to make my boyfriend to know how much he makes me happy

    and smiling all the time, and laugh at his jokes and kiss on your cheek, hand, everywhere.

    tell him how valuable and lovable person he is, and make sure he feels good about him self.

    i think he knows the fact that he makes me so happy, is what makes him so happy too.

    and compliment about his abilities, like how he's good at things that I'm not good at

    ask him for small favours and appreciate about it,

    say more thank-youS and tell him how much you like him

    what makes you like him, what makes you feel happy

    tell him how much he's hot

    tell him what he has done made you happy , how happy it made you

    how you like it, what you like it, support him plans, future,

    also being faitful with him, as the guy said, keep in fit, try to be lovable girl.

    when he's feeling bad, just letting him know that you're there for him

    giving him a little lovely presents, give him what he likes

    how wise he is.. how smart he is...

    and never force him anything, try to respect his opinions

    and be open minded and try to keep getting interested what he's interested

    try to be sencere, no weird no awkward, try to focus on him

    and in bed... (:p) show him how you like it?.. :p ha ha well yeah :p and being open minded

    what makes you happy?

    do it. and I do it, he loves it.

    and as return, he's soooooooo sweet and nice to me too. :)

    • oh surely if you don't like about sth, you talk about it but a bit later, so that the intense is gone and talk about it a bit I don't know both are more calm down... it helps me a lot.. and yea I just think about what would make me happy and try to be the person to him.