Bad signs: No kiss and no talk of another date.

Had a first date last night. It felt comfortable, there was a lot of chemistry, and the conversation flowed.

We both said he had a lot of fun and he wished he a good week and said it was nice meeting me. We hugged and said goodbye.

I sent a text today saying, "Thanks again. I had a good time with you last night :)" He responded an hour later saying: Yeah, it was fun."

I know it's soon, but does this sound like someone who's interested or just nice?


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  • Hm, from the fact that he didn't text you first, no kiss or no attempt to, a kinda "lame" answer to your text, no sound from another date... I'm afraid he's just being nice.

    Maybe there wasn't that much chemistry for him and it was just a nice date with someone who could turn out to be a great friend and who knows what happens later on..

    But don't focus too much on it and don't put a lot of pressure on the thought you wanna date this guy.

    But hey, maybe I'm wrong and he's a kind of guy who is quite shy and doesn't know the "right moves" to let a girl know he's into her.

    Good luck!

    • He's not shy at all. He did seem reserved, but confident and not at all shy...

    • Not because someone seems confident means that he/she is confident.

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  • No you met a rare breed of men which is called gentlemen and he doesn't wants to take things at top speeds he is one of those who want it to be slow and smooth

  • It depends. Most guys would have tried to get at least a kiss, but he could be shy or come from a background where a kiss is not allowed on a first date.

    One day is still too early. I suggest you call him in a few days (if he doesn't call you first), it will give you a better idea. The subtle nuances in speech are lost in text messages. It's hard to say if his response of "it was fun" was sarcastic or sincere.

    He may contact you before and you will have a better idea.

    Either way, enjoy the night that you had last night.

    • I'm 26 and have been on many, many dates (average 4-5 a month) and of ALL the dates I've been on, only 2 guys have kissed me on the first date. I come off as a "good girl" and most guys don't push it with him. My last 2 BFs didn't kiss me util date 3.

      He's definitely not shy. Things were super comfortable and there was a lot of eye contact. Lots of silent (not awkward) eye contact of us just smiling across the table. Last night we both said "I had fun" at the same time, and it was said smiling

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  • he's not interested. nice meeting you and "be well" is a nice way of dismissing you.


    and, a girl should never text a guy after a date before hearing from him. Trust me, if he likes you he will contact you. Some guys will contact you within a day. Others wait a few more days. Next time, count three full days, and then if you don't hear from him by the next day after that (the three day rule) he isn't interested enough.

    Some guys don't want to come off desperate so they wait three, but more than that I'd say he isn't interested.

    If he liked you again, he'd ask you out and would not have said just that. Sorry but you need some tough love. You will find someone else who is into you.

    • after reading a bit more closely, well he could be shy but I think you may have killed it by texting him. I didn't realize it had only been a day. you should have waited about 4 days before assuming anything. a kiss doesn't necessarily mean anything some guys are shy or wait a little longer. the guy I'm dating didn't kiss me on the first date, but on the second.

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