I'm feeling bummed, like maybe he's just not into me.

Hey guys I'll try to keep this short and simple. But I'd really appreciate some good advice. Anyways,

i met a guy about a year ago at a bar. It became a weekend thing and I'd hope that he were there. We'd sit outside the bar smoking and talking all night and I really felt a connection. Then I'd always see him drive by the place I work (he's a landscaper himself-so he's always working)...i work at a flower shop. He'd occasionally beep and wave to me and then when the winter came and the shop closed down, on Christmas eve we were both at the bar and that night we exchanged numbers because he wanted to make sure that I got home safely. Anyways after we exchanged we saw each other twice. Both times we went on a ride all night and chatted up and again I felt something. When I had told him how I felt a few weeks later he had said he doesn't usually move too fast, which may be why I'm confused on how I felt. So then after that I got a little scared, and quite honestly I ran and never talked to him again until, well now. When we opened the shop back up he'd drive past all day and beep every time. So I felt that maybe he had missed me. Then, he came in for mothers day with his mother and barely said anything to me, he paced back and forth and then looked into my eyes and said see ya. So I figured I'd text him to tell him that it was nice seeing him. So for a couple of days we texted back and forth until I didn't respond. And then I texted him back a few days after that and then mentioned I wanted to get up a mountain and asked him if I though I'd make it and this is what he said:

him:What time were you planning on going up?

me: hmm I don't know around 7:30 or 8 I guess

him:Oh. well if your dad won't let you take one of the trucks and you wanted to wait a little bit I could drive my jeep up probably

Me: Haha, okay...I'll let you know what he says

and then I told him that he said no and then I told him I had to get going and that if he wanted to go up to call me. Well, he never ended up calling me. And when I got back to town I texted him to tell him I was back and he never returned the text. So now I'm feeling bummed like maybe he's just not into me.

Also please know he's living right across from my work and he never stops in to say hello or anything, and I always thought that I a guy liked you a lot, he'd make time for you.

So advice?


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  • Call him

    He is a little unsure about you

    You ran on him twice, its natural for a guy to pull out from such a girl

    But the way he is texting you it seems as thou he isi love with you but isn't making a move because he is unsure if you are the right one for him

    Spend some time alone with him and I'm sure he vll pop the question in no time

  • - You "getting scared and running away" ruined his motivation for talking to you.

    - Flower shop incident. He doesn't know if you're still interested and is offended that you disappeared.

    - Mountain incident. While it wasn't your fault, your dad not letting him come was read as you not letting him come. 2nd rejection from you.

    He's probably on the verge of losing interest.

    • I was allowed to go and meet him, I drive a car and don't have a truck so I was asking my parents if I could borrow one of their vehicles...

    • Did you end up meeting him?

    • He never called, like I asked him to and when I texted him to see if he was still up for it no response.

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