Ughh, she isn't calling back. What now?

Met a girl last week, went out on a date, had a great time. She texted me after the date and I texted her a couple days after and we talked for a bit. After the first date she told me a day this week where she would be free to do something again. Well I called her yesterday and she didn't answer. I left a voice mail and she hasn't responded. I left a voice mail when I called to set up the first date and she responded in a couple hours. But this time, nothing. I don't know what happened. I'm super negative so my mind is telling me I left a bad voice mail or something to mess it up.

But what should I do next? The day she mentioned she would be free is tomorrow. Should I call or text her today? Or should I wait a couple more days before doing anything again?


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  • has it been 24 hrs since you left a msg? I wouldn't worry too much about her not getting back to you yet. its the start of the week and all. give her some time to get back to you. and remember she's probably a little nervous too so give her some time. don't over think it either ok? its only going to make you more worried and nervous. if you haven't heard back by tomorrow then send a quick text asking if she's still free on Tuesday like she mentioned.

    • Should I send that text tonight? that's what I was thinking about doing... we would get together around noon so I couldn't really text her tomorrow. And yes, it's been over 24 hours.

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    • and in that same text I also added: "is there another day this week you'd be free? I was wondering if you would want to go out to ____...we could grab lunch and maybe kayak :)" where the ____ is this place near where I live.

      She never responded to that text. So clearly she doesn't want to go out. I don't even know what happened. Things were all great until I called on Sunday :/

    • no its not that she doesn't want to go out with you just sounds like there was a miscommunication that's all. don't worry too much and think that you're a disaster or anything. I don't know if you showed up at the driving range but if you didn't or couldn't I'd give it a few days before making another suggestion. it'll be fine it just sounds like she wants to take it slow. and if she mentioned her mom then I'd take that as a very good sign :o)

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  • I would say give it some time, maybe she just had a busy day or something. It would be quite rude of her if she said she wanted to do something again and then bailed on that. Try again later.

    • She had all of last night and all of today to call so far and still nothing. Even a little text would have been nice. We didn't need to have a 30 minute phone conversation... should I take this as she isn't interested?

      When would you suggest contacting her again? And should it be a text or a call?

  • and that's why I always text.

    with a text you give her the freedom do answer whenever she can or want

    • Texting is so impersonal. Girls like it when the guy gives the extra effort to call.

    • i think that both text and a call show that you are thinking about her which is the important part