Should I date him or no?

So there's this boy were both 17 we've been friends since our sophomore year and he's like my best friend my partner I'm crime he puts up with all my un neccesary little fits my mood swings and puts up with all my ranting.. Like I can tell him anything we both liked each other we were going to date but decided not to cause of messing up our friendship. I liked other guys & I dated one but it didn't work out and he's dated other girls but it didn't work & it seems like no matter what he's always there for me and I'm always there for him.. Shuld I date him


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  • Well dating could possibly screw the friendship up, so it would all depend. With high school ending soon, you two might have to break up after school if you start to date. So it would just depend on what you really want. Maybe just talk to him about it.


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