Do guys judge how a relationship will go based on a first kiss?

One of my guy "friends" (we like each other but aren't dating) kissed me last night. We made out but then I had to go. The kiss was alright, but wasn't the best...I couldn't really tell how his reaction was after, because my sister was waiting for me...Are things going to be affected because we didn't have a great first kiss? Also, I texted him after saying that tonight was fun (: thanks, and he never responded. I think he might of fallen asleep because it was like 11:45 but still, what are your thoughts on that...and when to you think he'll text/call me...?


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  • well in a girl perspective I do think that first kisses mean alot...i mean making out ones...

    i had to teach my boyfriend that I am with now how to kiss..because the first time we made out it was not even close to being good..

    now he is a great kisser...

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