Where's your favorite place to take someone on a first date?

And where would you recommend someone take someone on a date if you don't really know each other well at all?

We're going to the mall :)


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  • a first date is not about being all fancy and impressive, it's about getting to know the other person.

    i'd say coffee or a casual restaurant...not fast food but not something too fancy. maybe a nice diner or something.

    i think these are best. you can just sit across from each other and talk. if it goes well, take a walk after.

    my guy and I had coffee the first date. it wasn't my first coffee or casual food date but it was a good way to get to know each other casually. we sat and talked for a while, our eyes locked ,it just flowed and felt good. Then after a while we took a walk. He wanted to spend more time but I had to get back to work.

    a first date when you don't know each other isn't too much. it's really, do you feel you enjoy talking to this person, have things in common. a second date means "i enjoyed my time with this person and I feel some attraction and want to spend time together again". Nothing more or nothing less, so remember that and don't rush it either.

    You can kiss on the first date but I prefer it on the second, unless it was a really long first date and I "just know". But magic first dates are rare. Good ones are fine and often yield successful relationships as well.

    always pay, by the way.

    • I dunno. I'm in high school, and I feel like it'd be kinda awkward to take someone on a dinner date or something like that... maybe when I get older, but at this age I think it's awkward :/

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    • I guess it depends on your age. A date is really about talking and getting to know each other so at my age "boring" things are better so you can talk more.

    • Well definitely you should be talking on a first date. But I can't really picture walking around being one of the things a teenager would do for a first date haha.

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  • Well, my favorite place is either the city gardens or the local farmers market. You can walk, stroll, sit & talk, get to know each other. You can even take some tea or coffee with you. I don't like to do alcohol on a first date that you do not know someone well.

    I know, it's simple, but if you can't do simple, I don't want to know you.

    • The mall? boo.

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    • Oh! That's one brave girl! Must have a smokin' body to go swimming on the first date. Lucky you!

    • Haha. Her idea too :P

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