Is is true that you need to lose something to appreciate it?

me and this guy have been talking for a few months

he usually texts me all the time

he did however say he does not want a gf

the other day we had a convo and he never replied to my last text

its been two days and it is super unusual for him not to text by now.

do I wait for him or do I do it? I don't want to seem needy.

btw we both like each other..


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  • Honestly, it depends on who you are compared to who he is. There could be a possibility that he is playing the "game". Society teaches us that just what is happening to you gets girls to take more interest in the guys. That by disappearing he has become a lot more attractive in your eyes and therefore a better potential to get you interested in him.

    Also, there is your question of neediness. If you do it right, you will be fine. Just don't "freak out" Start a new conversation like the last never happened. It is OK for you to text first and strike up a text conversation, just as long as you don't make it about why he didn't respond or how you haven't heard from him or were getting worried.

    Since you have waited over a day, that does not make you seem too needy.

    • thanks a lot! you are a great help. he eventually texted me. I guess he was playing the game..and he realized I was not giving in.

  • Its not true, some people are better not known.

    What was your last text?


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