Am I confused or do I really like him?

I been with my fiance for 4 years now and we are getting married but lately we been having problems because he don't want to grow up and figure his future out and that bothers me. Our best friend Kelvin has his future all set, works and talks to me a certain way that my fiance don't some times. I been having feelings for him for a few weeks now and I don't know what kind are they. Are they real feelings like I like him like or or is it just because he is acting the way my fiance won't be yet. Also I think about him a lot and it worries me, but I love my fiance a lot and I won't leave him for any thing. Need advice.


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  • Women find mature and successful men attractive. Hence, its not surprising you're trying to find that quality in someone else as your fiance is lacking that. Your fiance needs to get his career sorted out and be financially secure for the future, its only the logical manner of progression. If he isn't mature enough to figure that he needs to be able to take care of you and protect you (and that means, to a certain degree, sorting out his finances), then how is he mature enough to get married.


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  • Stop!...and think. Don't just act on impulse or your four years with your fiance will go down the drain. Sit down in a quiet area and just think about all the good memories and things that only your fiance could do for you. Do you really love him? Or do you love the time invested in the relationship?

    By what you're saying, your relationship is not at the point of marriage material yet. Are you sure you want to marry a guy like how you said? You might want to talk to your fiance again and see how HE feels about marriage.

    As for Kelvin, do you love him or do you just love that he seems to have everything your fiance seems to not have? Do you really believe that a few weeks worth of feelings is able to trump the feelings you had for four years?

    And think about the relationship between your fiance and Kelvin. They're best friends. Are you really okay ruining that for some selfish desire?

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