What should I do with him now? what's the plan after a first date?

Went on a date with him and it went awesomely. . . but what should I talk about with him? The whole time I just asked him questions and I'm starting to run out of questions.

And what little things can I do? Like we're going to this tree place after school tomorrow to hang out.

I just don't wanna get bored at all. I doubt we will, but what's the plan after the first date?


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  • He should be contacting you and asking you things too. If it feels like you're having to do all the work, then you're setting a precedent that says you're willing to work harder than him and it won't be even.

    Anyway, assuming you two are really hitting it off, you should start talking about yourself a bit to get him to ask questions and comment. If he likes you he'll be curious. If he's nervous, smile and hold his hand sometimes. You've already gone out once so it's OK to send a signal that you feel affection towards him.

    • yeah he already asked me today when we were hanging out if I wanted to do it again soetime

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  • I like how descriptive you are, you are going to a tree place :P


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  • after the first date, you sit back and wait, I know it is frustrating, and wait for him to contact you. wait 3 full days after your date and by the day after that he should be contacting you.

    • we already planned to hang out again tommorrow after school, I'm just wondering what I should say to maintain conversation since I've already asked him everything there is to ask, really

    • it should flow naturally, you shouldn't have to plan it.

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