Relationship illiterate? Yeah I need help.

So, I'm a cute sweet girl. I'm really nice and smart. Awesome sex appeal. Had to throw that in there lol, but here's my problem.

I get guys, very attractive ones. Problem is, the guys I seem to date fit in one of these categories:

1. The jerk- pretty self explanatory. he's fine as hell, fun to be around makes you laugh and then as time goes by he starts treating you like crap.

2. The fix me guy- those sweet guys who make you feel special with their words/actions and as time goes by you realize they're "broken", have massive problems/issues and or seriously need to get their life together.

3. The unattainable- Mr. "Perfect" talks you into a super ridiculously long distance relationship, or is emotionally unavailable or worse, is your best friend and practically thinks like a sister.

I have a problem with rushing into relationships. I'm never ever single for long. How do I take the time to refrain from jumping into relationships with guys before finding out if they're in my unlucky 3 categories... P.S. I'm ridiculously impulsive lol
Relationship illiterate? Yeah I need help.
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