Is this a good idea?

Hey GAG, long story short.

Female friend and I go out to lunch. She invited me to a wedding a few weeks back as her date. At the lunch, she brings up the wedding and tells me her extended family (aunts, uncles, etc.) thinks we're dating. I know her parents and siblings.

Q1: I'm taking this as a hint that she wants to move our friendship to another level. Am I right?

Q2: I'm going to casually bring up the wedding again and ask her what are we going the wedding as and what she is going to introduce me to the family as. Good idea? Bad idea?

Thanks in advance!


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  • The fact is, it doesn't matter what her family member "think" you two are doing. The only thing that matters is what SHE thinks you two are doing. Just come out and ask her, does she want to date you or not.

    • Its not the fact of what her family thinks but it's the fact that she said it. For all I know, her family could be saying otherwise.

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  • Well my boy, I think that you have an excellent idea but I couldn't agree more with Ljham...Why not get straight to the point, it already looks like you are together, obviously you likes each other...So kick it...

    • So how should I ask her how are we going as and what is she going to invite me as? Because I can't think of a different way of saying it except for the blunt straight forward way.

  • If her family thinks it she could be warning you, so it does not get weird since you two aren't cleary dating at the momment. Just ask her what she wants you to come as? Thats what matters


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