Made it to the third date, now what?

I met a guy through a dating site and we've been on two successful dates. I'm pretty sure we'll probably go on another. I'm not sure what's appropriate etiquette for a third date though. We haven't kissed yet, just hello and goodbye hugs. I want him to know that I'm interested in more than just casually dating him. Guys (and girls too), what do you suggest?


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  • I think a kiss at the end of the date would be signal enough that you are really into this guy :) Flirt a bit too, and make sure you dress really nice.

    Maybe go on a more romantic date as well to set the tone for how things are going. I would also ask him what he thinks about you now that you two have been two dates (that's usually what I asked when I dated online). Although my boyfriend just kept coming to see me and one day referred to me as his girlfriend :P

    But I find that usually asking how they feel about you or what they think about you is a good way to gauge where they are seeing things going. It's okay to want to have a few more dates to make sure. But definitely set a limit for yourself in your head. If this is coming up the 10th date, and he is still wanting to "get to know you". I'm thinking it's time to move on and find someone new!

    Once you get a good idea of how they are feeling about you then you can start to move the conversation towards "where are we going from here" type stuff.

    Good luck!


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  • Go with the flow and be yourself. If you really like him try to kiss him because he may be shy.

  • grab his face and molest it, its the only way to let him know your in it for more. or you could talk about it, but make sure that that is the subject of the conversation. say it straight up.


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