Am I losing my boyfriend?

I have been dating this guy for almost two months now and I have gotten really attached to him. He tells me he loves me and I kind of believe him, but he acts like I'm irritating him. I don't want to lose him because I gave him EVERYTHING. I have fallen so hard and don't know how to keep him. He acts all interested in hanging out then if I say we can't do much fooling around he acts like he doesn't want to do anything. Am I losing him? What should I do?


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  • Two months? Look he doesn't love you and you don't love him. Your just crushing. Guys don't say they love a girl unless they really mean it, it scares us because it's a serious commitment, so it takes a long time. But if he said it after 2 months then he's most likely playing you. Men know that women have a stronger reaction to the whole " I love you." Men can easily distance then self even when acting nice and caring. They use this to get into women's pants. He gets irritated because he spends so much time with you but doesn't love. He only wants to hang out together if you fool around. Sorry that your being played, just end it already.


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  • youre just a pairy of silly little screw bunnies ... and that isn't love.

  • You may have found yourself a jackass sadly. He could be one of those guys who were working to get you in bed and now that you aren't really giving it up yet he's losing interest, I'm not sure. How long has it been going on like that? Has he been more stressed lately with school/work or something?

    • only once and it was 3 weeks ago. It's finals week, but he is always with his friends, so I don't think he's stressed.

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  • "He gets irritated because he spends so much time with you but doesn't love."

    I can't agree more with this. He's finding it easy to play you because you're putting so much effort into him...don't be so easy for him to get. Try distancing yourself a bit and see how he reacts. You might find that he's really not much interested in you for anything but to fool around with. You'll probably have to consider letting him go.

    • Under 18? Are you both under 18? You're just kids, wait til you REALLY find yourself in love.