Why has he just disappeared?

I've been with a guy for four months. since we met we has spoken non stop we spoke about 8 times a day he would ring me in the morning and at night. He works away on contracts and always rings me to find out what I'm into he even went away with his Mates for ten days about two months into the relationship and rang me 3 or 4 times a day and then when he came home stayed with me

.. Took me out... Watched films

At mine.. We slept together and then he went through a stage of going out a lot with his friends as he had time off work ... Going out late ..turning up at mine and staying with me and then when I wanted to go out saying I had to ask his permission he stayed at mine for five days and then went off with his friend to do something and text me saying he had been shopping

And then after that I have heard nothing from him. We told each other we loved each other about four days before and

I know he hadn't seen his son or family for a while as he had been with me or his friends but for

No reason he just stopped all contact with me. We had been in separable we spoke constantly he always knew what I was upto etc but he has just cut all contact and I can't understand why?! He was very over protective of me so I can't

Undestand why he would vanish with no explanation., please help


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  • Maybe he has his own personal issues going on.

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