Why would she do this?

I used to talk to this girl like constantly everyday. Like we would text all day long, whenever she would be online back and forth "IM's", we would call each other babe and we could talk about anything. We even Skyped when we couldn't see each other! Then not long after the new year came she stopped texting me and calling, getting online, never gets on Skype anymore.Will not reply to any of my texts saying hey I hate you don't ever talk to me again or anything just will not say anything. When I try to see her she is always "not there" or "busy" She did tell me she was a little busy with college stuff. BUT now she is starting to get back online and she still won't reply to msg's or texts.

Why is she doing this? Something I might have said or something I did? WHY?


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  • I have done this also, the guy said "I changed" and you know what, maybe I did. Sometimes, I drop people out of my life if I don't want to be friends or I'm to busy to deal with them and she may still want to talk to you, but she's to busy with other things. When she gets online she might be doing research for work or something you know. I'm not sure I'm sorry I'm just trying to help (:

  • Ive done this. she's probably busy but I don't think she's not interested in u.I think at teh time she needed a friend or whatever. its probably because you were too available.

    • i don't think she's interested in u*** sorry complete different meaning!

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