im a traditionalist. I didn't grow up with texting, since I was born in the early 90's before it became popular. texting, a form of letter, was invented originally for the hearing impaired. people caught onto it and now, even clothing companies like dolce and gabbana are making phones specifically for the function. its quick and easy, and not as nerve racking because some of us don't like how we sound (I do) so we tend to use it more often then actually calling. but what if there was an emergency and you couldn't text, you had to call, would you, or would you just try to find another way to text/send a message of some sort?

my point is, if you are truly too nervous/shy to talk on the phone, its ok that you are, cause we all get a little shy or nervous sometimes, but to not be able to talk on the phone at all is just wrong, imo.

my question is if I can't reach my crush by phone after a certain amount of times, am I supposed to resort to texting? or should I just leave it alone and move on?

she did wind up calling back, asking me to hang out this week, I got that on voicemail as to not look desperate, she wound up texting me as a result


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  • I think you're supposed to leave it alone and move-on...because if I understand correctly, you've called her several times and she is not answering her phone?

    For the record: I love text-messaging. Love it! I was late to catch onto the craze-I was late to catch onto the actual cell phone to begin with, really-but I am so hooked on the convenience, it's almost embarrassing. I've always hated talking on the phone...not because of disliking my voice or whatever, but just because its a nuisance to hold it to my ear for an entire conversation. With text-messaging, I can have a fairly long conversation without having to necessarily stop whatever else I'm doing...such as painting, walking the dog, or cooking. Plus, there is no pressure. You have time to think and respond. And you can send a hello message without bothering anyone-they check it and respond when it's a good time for them-win/win situation. I only wish more people felt comfortable with it...I always have to remember that most people don't like it and check myself from writing too much : /


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  • Texting is purely for convenience. I want to hang out with my friends, but I want to talk to this girl too, texting allows me to easily do both. I doubt for most its shyness. It's just easier and you aren't stuck on the phone for hours.

    • But do I resort to it, or do I just move on?

    • I'd send her a text making it sound like you're busy, and if she wants to talk she should text you back. If she does then score, if not, move on I suppose.

  • Your situation is why a lot of people text some one first after getting their number. If you had texted her a "hey what's up" instead of calling you would have a much better idea of whether or not she liked you. Now you risk looking borderline desperate if you text her now, but that's pretty much your only move besides letting the whole thing go. Does she have your number? Cause I wouldn't think to return missed calls from an unknown number..

    • Yeah well she does I left a message so she had my number

      texting shouldnt be the thing that defines whether you like someone or not

      if you really don't like someones voice, or what not, just don't give them ur number

      it save, time, energy, and preserves feeling

    • But she didn't have it when you called the first time, so it would have shown up as an unknown and she is less likely to pick up. With a text you say "hey its x, what's up" and then she knows its you, can save the #, and reply with no pressure.

      I never said anything about texting defining whether or not you like someone, its just easier to get a response and judge her interest. It has nothing to do with not liking someones voice.

    • I guess I'm just too much of a traditionalist, I read that women usually test you, to see what you do

      cause she said to call her, usually they say the opposite of what they actually mean

  • she still not picking up?

    just send her a txt and get over it

    • No, I didn't call again, I was just asking the question (ive only called twice since I've gotten the number) once to get her my number and another time to say hi

      thats it

  • "I was born in the 90's" alright what does that have to do with nything. I was born in the late 80's I believe I still know how to text and pretty damn sure everyone on here even ur typical 12 year old knows how to, what were you tryin to get at?

    People text now probably cause its more convenient for askin questions that dn't need to be responded back to quickly, they arn't meant to be used for life threatening or really important issues. Or its for people who dn't like talkin on the phone.

    If the girl hasn't called you back at all...chances are she doesn't think or care that ur call was important enough for her to respond back too. Harsh maybe...but logically think about it. You called her twice, no response back hmmmm. Move on man, or wait for her to call, texting isn't going to change the situation, if nything it would just make it worst.

    • Even though she said to call her (was she testing me?)

    • She said for you to call her and you did. Did she call you back? If not try her one more time, no answer then wait for her to come to you. Don't make yourself desperate for one chick man. Find other girls to talk to, its not worth it to put in all your effort into someone who isn't doin just as much.