Newly in a relationship... Please help!

I am 19, he is 20. We've known each other since high school but really only became close friends after graduating as we are both in the same small close nerdy group. We admitted having feelings for each other a month ago although we both knew the other felt that way for a while. And since have been officially 'dating'. We stay up to about 4 or 5 each morning just talking on the phone about anything and everything. We don't have a single interest that is different. We truly are perfect for each other. However, I can't help have feelings of doubt. But I don't know why. Things are going pretty fast for us I'd think. We can spend hours making out without realizing the time that has passed. We already know so much about each other because as I said, we've been close friends for a long time now. I guess I'm scared. This is my first relationship ever. And to be honest, not all that long ago I firmly had the opinion that I didn't want to have a boyfriend and never would. Intimacy is something that I've always feared. This is his second relationship. His first was in high school and lasted 2 years. I know that they had sex too. Why does this scare me? Why can't I just be happy? I am happy. Very happy in fact. A grin is almost always on my face. It's just when I'm not talking to him do I start to wonder and question. He told me that he loved me yesterday. And I told him the same and I truly believe that I do. So why do I feel this way? Why am I still scared?

To be honest I don't really know what question I am asking or what responses I expect. I think I just need to to get it out. To hear what others think. Is this a normal relationship? Are my fears reasonable? I am so very confused. Anything anyone can say to me now would help.

thanks in advance.
I'd just also like to add that he has hinted to me that he thinks he could easily be able to see himself wanting to be with me for a long time... or forever...


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  • i think you're scared of getting hurt, and also maybe scared because you don't know what you're getting yourself into - he's done this before and you haven't. he's been in a relationship and had sex and this is all new for you, and new things are always a bit scary. but if you're happy then I would say try to push those doubts away, as long as he doesn't give you a reason to not trust him just go with the flow and eventually you'll get the hang of this relationship thing :)


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