Does he care or not?

So I met this guy I hooked up with in January. We don't live in the same country but has since then been texting and flirting.

We talked about hooking up again, which he says he want.

The problem is that he says he don't care about me. But he acts like he does from time to time.

Should I just give it up?

I really like him but my first priority would want him as a friend.

But I need to know if he ever will like me.


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  • Umm, can you tell us what kind of caring does he shows you? Because it depends on that, caring can come in two different form, a friendly kind of cares and a lover kind of cares, so we need to know that first :)

    • He says that he doesn't really care about me, as a person, as a friend (that he sort of don't want to be one or that he wants to take it slow), who I hang out with, what I do et etc.,

      So when I get enough of his attitude (happends a lot) and ignores him for a week or so, he ALWAYS texts me back and is wondering what I have been up to, or have other silly questions about things I will do..

      For me, this is not normal. If he didn't care he should just leave it alone imo.

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    • You said that you don't want a commitment, right? Umm, did you told him that? Because if you do, it might be the biggest reason he doesn't want to admit that he cares. The question is, do you care about him (more than a friend kind of care)? Want him in your life as more than a hook-up buddy? :)

    • Yes! If he only told me the truth, I'd sacrefice ANYTHING for him...

      It has been a few weeks since I posted. Last weekend he sent an sms (which he has NEVER done) and since that... nothing... he doesn't even reply... What can I do?

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