I think I scared him off or what?

this guy I like a lot

we have talked for a long time now..and met couple of times

we have had sex 2 times.. I hvae known him for 3 years now

we are very good friends but I met him last weekend he came to my town and met me..than we came up with a crazy idea..to take the bus back to his town ..so we did..and I met his mother..and yes we had sex again , but than the next day we we were both really tired and didn't do much than just watch tv..and when we said bye he only gave me a hug..and I took the bus back home..

and its been a week..he hasn't been on fcb chat..so I sent him a text and he replied 2 days after saying oh sorry I didn't see it until now..been busy playing diablo 3 and work.. than I told him about my exams and how hard its going to be etc..and all he replied was o exams suck good luck with your exams... and I feel like maybe he doesn't want to talk to me ?

should I stop being clingy and all and let him come to me ?

give him space ?

help :(


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  • Hes probably busy with the game

    Guys take them pretty seriously


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  • Sounds like he's not taking it all that serious. It's not to say he doesn't like you, but he's clearly not actively pursuing a relationship with you. Backing off would be the course of action I would take, unless you're good with it just being casual.